IVR services


IVR (Interactive Voice Response) – premium numbering in voice services. With this service, tone dialling (DTMF) can be implemented

There are two modes of settlement:

pay per minute – caller is charged for every started minute of connection



pay per call- caller is charged for connection




Mobiltek also offers 800 and 801 numbers – free and paid numbers according to the operator’s price list

These services are accessed automatically after selecting the appropriate option from the phone’s keypad.


Due to using premium numbers, IVR services can be a significant source of revenue – end-users who use the service may be charged per each minute of a call (Pay Per Minute – 703 and 708 numbering) or may be charged per call regardless of its duration (Pay Per Call –  704 numbering).


Examples of using Pay Per Minute services:

Entertainment services (using 708 numbering):
•   micropayments in Internet services (e.g. access codes),
•   humour and anecdotes,
•   games,
•   quizzes and competitions,
•   access to games and to interactive competitions ,
•   party line,
•   chats,
•   horoscopes.

Information services (703 numbering is used):
•   hotlines with timetable,
•   financial information (stock exchange, exchange rates, insurance, customs, taxation),
•   weather forecasts,
•   tourist information,
•   results of  lotteries and pari-mutuel  betting.


Examples of using Pay Per Call services (704 numbering):

•   micropayments in Internet services (e.g. access codes),
•   TV competitions and quizzes (call TV),
•   voting,
•   surveys and polls.


IVR services offered by Mobiltek are available to landline users, all networks in Poland, as well as for mobile phone users: Orange, Plus GSM, T-Mobile and Play. These services are run using a single Premium number without the need to run a separate number for each mobile network.

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