Direct Carrier Billing (DCB)


Direct Carrier Billing (DCB) service is available for network users who use either a subscription mobile phones or a prepaid mobile phone.
The service allows you to make payments for products and services offered on the Internet (digital products), e.g. purchasing music files, movies, improvements to virtual accounts on social networking sites, in games, etc.

As Direct Billing services grow,  we see great potential in the market for this type of service, which is an alternative to electronic payments. The main advantages of DCB are unlimited rating – flexibility in choosing the rate (by one cent) and higher commission. This payment method is currently available on all networks.


There are two types of payments:

cyclin Periodic (Recurring) Payment
As with PSMS MT, user is charged in the form of renewable subscription. Subscription is activated via different channels:
OneClick, PIN, SMS authentication (SMS is not a payment medium).
One- off Payment
Unlike SMS MO, even one-off payments can be made using PIN, OneClick or SMS authentication. 


The service is operated intuitively for the user and may follow one of the two scenarios outlined below.

Scenario 1:
Once the user selects on the website a product that the user wishes to purchase, the user is redirected to a web page where he or she may enter his / her phone number. After confirming the number, the user receives an SMS from his / her operator, which should be answered back by sending SMS with the content ‘TAK’.


Scenario 2:
Once the user selects a product and confirms his / her number on a web page, the user receives an SMS from his / her operator, which should be with the PIN code to be entered on the web page. The operator verifies if the PIN code is correct and the transaction is completed.
For a subscription phone, the cost of the transaction using Direct Carrier Billing is added by the mobile operator to the user’s telephone bill, or, for a prepaid mobile phone, it is deducted from the user’s account.

Other advantages of DCB are:

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